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About Our Trainers

All trainers must maintain current CPR certification and be certified through a nationally recognized institution or hold the equivalent college degree.  Our team brings a wealth of knowledge dedication and resources to the organization.  The trainer will craft a program that is designed to fit your individual needs.  We will keep your workout varied and effective; some clients prefer a high impact, intense work out while others can only manage a low to moderate but effect program. Individual experience covers a broad range of fitness specialties, including:

Exercise Physiology

It’s been proven time and time again by exercise physiologists that exercise can reduce or reverse the progression of disease as well as decrease stress. Trust us to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Let us help you get in better condition and at the same time be aware of the safety issues associated with exercise.*

Fitness for Seniors

As a Senior strength training plays a critical role in keeping functional age low. Aging is a complex process. Many factors play a role as a person advances in life i.e.: genetics, pre-existing health conditions, injuries, chronic illness and diet. We can help set you on a course to combat these issues.*

Post Rehabilitation Care

We at Dan Dal Colletto and Trainers have helped hundreds of clients rehabilitate through exercise. Whether it’s a back issue, rehabilitating a rotator tear in the shoulder or torn meniscus, let us direct you on a path to a healthier lifestyle. Stop allowing yourself to accept pain and discomfort and get on the path to a healthier lifestyle.*

Individuals with Injuries

Let us help navigate you through your injuries. There is no reason to settle, living in pain an discomfort is not an option. We can help you work around your injures and live a quality life. Whether you’re an athlete, weekend warrior or someone simply trying to get over an injury we can help.*

Prenatal & Postnatal Women

Give us the opportunity to guide you through your pre and post natal pregnancy. We can show you the correct way to exercise getting the maximum benefit before and after the delivery of your baby.* Don’t risk getting injured or waste precious time exercising incorrectly. We can get you on track to lose those unwanted pounds after the delivery. We will put together a custom plan for your own personal situation.

Clients with Health Conditions

Maybe you’ve just been diagnosed with heart disease or just had a By-Pass. Your doctor just informed you that it’s time to exercise because you’ve put on unwanted pounds. Or you’ve steadily been gaining weight, your stress level is through the roof and have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. You’re feeling depressed and have no energy. Give one of our trainers a chance to help, you won’t be disappointed.*

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