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One on One Training - 92702792

One on One Training

Whether you need a trainer to tone up, lose weight, stress relief, or just get in better health overall, you've come to the right place. Our trainers have the experience to help you attain your goals.  Each work out is tailored to your individual needs and will get you in tip-top shape in no time.* The best part is we come to you.

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Corporate Packages

Treat your employees to a fitness event like no other. Our corporate fitness program can be physical workout sessions, educational / demonstrative seminars, or a combination of both.   Or let us design a program for your employees. Small or large businesses, we are there to help! We will get your employees in tip top shape so they can be more productive. *

Skype Training

Skype Training

Perhaps you are the constant traveler who desires to stay on top of your work-out routine.  We provide skype training for the person on the go.  We will reach you anywhere in the world. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection. We’ll even provide the equipment to get you started. Moreover, since there is no travel time there will be a 15% discount on whatever package you choose. 

Group Fitness - 84762791

Group Fitness

Make workout more fun in a group setting.  Groups start from duos onward. Maybe you are a member of a special group and you want to work out together.  We will provide the perfect trainer for you.  Group fitness can be an excellent way to foster camaraderie and team building. 

Health Related Training - 92546489

Health Related Training

Our team is qualified to train individuals with on-going or chronic illness such as diabetes, joint and muscle ailments, fatigue, osteoporosis, depression and a host of other diseases and ailments that can affect health.*  We will work with you and your health care professional to get you on track to a better life.

Senior Fitness - 80515523

Fitness for Seniors

Aging is more challenging for some than others but we now know that we can slow down the aging process by using exercise as a tool.  Our professionals will design a program that is specifically tailored for each individual’s needs.


Athletic Training

Marathon and race conditioning, body building, and youth fitness programs geared toward getting the athlete in shape to perform.  You will be given a training pro who has experience in your desired field.  They will not only get you in peak condition* but will offer advice and tips to help you excel. 


Personal Health History

Click on the link below to download our personal health history form. We use this to help better customize our services to meet your needs.

As soon as we receive the Health History we will have one of our expert trainers contact you to set up your first training session.

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